About Us


EDM Resources Group, the easy access solution provider for contract manufacturing in OEM , ODM and OBM specializing in quality supplements , personal care and cosmetics since 2010 . We partner with major manufacturers in the market, sharing resources and putting interested parties in touch from all over the world.

Significantly, EDM was formed with the sole aim to providing a simplified manufacturing consolidation platform where businesses can easily find and compare for the best manufacturer services, the most effective formula at the best rate with attractive package.

Notably, we hold a wide range of high performing, customizable formulas for various health & wellness, beauty and skin care applications. Our expertise is based on formula performance through ingredient engineering and exclusive processes. Essentially, our experts anticipate trends on the horizon to help customers’ products live up to consumer expectations.

Our personalized label customers range from retail chains, specialty stores and different private distribution channels. Moreover, our brand portfolio consists of different health & beauty, personal care brands on the market today along with emerging indie beauty brands.


EDM is customer oriented company: fulfilling our customers’ needs for individualization, enhanced attractiveness and additional features for their products with our comprehensive portfolio.

We make this our mission to shape the future of contract manufacturing environment, transforming customers’ demands into high quality products in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Core Value

We regard our core values as the building blocks of our business, priorities and company culture.


We do what is right, fair, and ethical.


We commit to doing and being the best in the industry.


We analyse and adopt new technology to innovate new products and solutions.
We are open minded and dare to be creative


We strive to get it right first time maintaining the highest level of total quality standards in everything that we do


We believe small businesses can make good products and build strong brands. Certainly, nothing comes easy and creating a new personalized label brand is all about support behind the change. To the full extent, EDM works hand in hand with you as your backbone for your distinct product revolution; w e take full accountability for the massive part of the overall development cycle. It begins with the formulation of the idea, through a series of stages, ends in the successful launching and marketing of your new product into the market.

Follow our team of experts as we lead you through the process step by step. Our aim is to enable our customers’ new products to go into market at the fastest speed with our 3M Philosophy. 3M applies equally to internal team and external partners, demonstrated through the interdependence of our consolidated platform and diverse global network. Mostly importantly, It is imperative for our team to carefully protect all your ideas as trade secret in order to appropriate and maximize potential commercial benefits from the ideas.


Innovation in goods occurs when new and improved goods are developed. New products are the lifeblood of EDM and the company builds innovation into all of its operations and consolidated platform. Your new product will be well positioned to benefit from innovation if it takes all these critical factors into the development cycle from initial stage eg . product formulation, branding & positioning, intellectual property eg . trademark , KKM, SGS,NPRA) and more.


Customer acquisition, product and market diversification are critical for businesses. EDM bundles effective growth & marketing strategies to assist our customers to increase profitability through greater sales volume. This is true when the decision to innovate is taken as part and parcel of the overall marketing strategy in commercializing new products for all our customers event , billboard, KOL marketing includes media live, KOL photography, write up), digital marketing and book publishing.


We support and encourage the coupling of technology into all aspect of the businesses. The EDM collaborative framework is effect ive for intrinsically motivated customers to empower business success in today’s increasingly competitive business environment. We play an important role in facilitating the process of taking innovative technology system to the market, enhancing your competitiveness through corporate training, system development and capital management.


• Formulation Engineering
• Production Planning & Control
• Branding, Design & Packaging
• Logistic & Supply Chain


• O2O
• Digital Marketing
• Direct & Multi-Level Marketing


• App & System Development
• Data Analytic Tool
• Capital & Funding
• Corporate Training