Category 3: Media & Publishing


What We Do

We help to build your presence and establish credibility to the whole world through modern technologies. We work with one of the most powerful social media, Youtube to bring your presence to the world largest Asian network as well as providing live broadcasting service. We also help authors to publish their books to build their credibility & provide the best support in selling their books.



Youtube Multi-Channel Network

We Are The Biggest & Fastest Growing Asian Network In Youtube.
We provide the best leverage for you to bring your creations & videos to huge crowds across Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and etc. We help you to build your branding through increasing your exposure rate on Youtube and help you to make money easier.

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Live Broadcast

We also provide the technology of live broadcast to let millions of audience to have access to your event live through webpage and Youtube. If you wish to know more about this, kindly contact us for support.


Book Publication

We have our own self-publishing company in helping writers to publish their first book. Our mission here is to help a new author like you navigate through the labyrinthine self–publishing world with fewer worries and less difficulties. We will pair you up with a publishing services provider that offers high-quality publishing, editorial, design, and book marketing services. We will take great care of your book by giving you flexibility of choosing services to fit your needs, and the ease to publish first editions the way you want to without compromising your rights and creative control.
Here's the books published by us: