Category 4: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)



We help to manufacture and create your own OEM products. Our understanding and coverage in these 2 primary products focus are so extensive that you will be able to leverage for your marketing distribution strategy. Our primary products focus:

Dietary Sup OEM


Product Type

Intestinal Health, Anti oxidant, Cholesterol Control, Beauty & Anti Aging, Women & Men Health, Weight Management, Detox Fiber, Brain & Eye Nutrition, Bone and Joint Health, Breast Enhancement, Oat & Grains, Functional Coffee & Functional Food.
Cosmetics OEM


Product Type

Apple stem cell, Grape stem cell, Glutathione, Omega 3 & 6, Marine Collagen, Coenzyme Q10, Hyaluronic acid, Gamat, Tongkat Ali, Maca, Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Cordyceps and Aquamin S.


These are the procedures on how we help you to create your OEM products:


Step 1: Research & Development

Our R&D team will meet you to understand your requirements to ensure the success of your products.


Step 2: Direct Sourcing of Key Ingredient

Our procurement team will search the best key ingredient from our certified suppliers. We have a very straight guideline in selecting our suppliers to ensure only the best ingredient is being used and at the same time, have a very competitive price..


Step 3: In House Production

We have our own in-house production facilities equipped with the latest technology and complied with standard rules and regulations.


Step 4: Registration & Patent

We will assist throughout the process of product registration for issuing licences and patents. This way, we can ensure you a peace of mind.


Step 5: Package & Distribute

The products will be packaged in accordance to your marketing requirements and distributed to the market, thus enabling quicker turnaround time. We have a great designer team who are able to do custom packaging, labelling, graphics and a team of consultants who are able to bring your product into a higher level of marketing.

Type of Products

EDM Corporate has a world class standard facilities which allows us to fulfil your orders. Together with our experts, combining with our large-scale production of tablets, capsules, powder or liquid sachets and many more, we are confident that we can deliver your orders with a big success!

Here are the details of the products that we have:

We Are Approved By

KKM (BPFK), Halal Jakim , GMP (Good Manufacturer Pratice) , HSA, FDA, BPOM, SGS